Friday, 27 July 2018

Wrapping Bill Pritchard

The set seems cold when empty but hot when The Speaker takes the space.

With two more shows left in our 2018 Winnipeg Fringe Festival run, it almost feels like a wrap - but it has been a satisfyingly slow build.

Bill Pritchard's Address to the Jury was honoured by being short-listed for the 2018 Harry S. Rintoul Award for the Best First Run Manitoba Play at The Fringe - so kudo's to playwright, Dale Lakevold.  The winner of the Rintoul Award will be announced on July 29.  There is a feeling that the play will live on with subsequent staging in Brandon later in 2018 and possibly again in Winnipeg in 2019 although this is truthfully still all complete speculation.

Crowds have been modest in size, 20 to 50, but enthusiasm has been universal. Socialists love the play, and the thoughtfulness of the script.  James Forsythe's performance has become more relaxed and yet, intense with each show.  His character, The Speaker, has emerged from page and the realities of The Left over the past century are felt through his performance.

Bill Pritchard's address to the Jury has been delivered by a small crew with Nancy McLennan at the soundboard and Hayley Mummery delivering lighting design and cues.  All four in RootSky's troupe are glad to have brought this short play to the 2018 Winnipeg Fringe.